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Welcome to BBAMLSU.ORG, the dynamic online hub representing the Mohanlal Sukhadia University (MLSU) branch dedicated to Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) studies.

Our mission is to empower aspiring business leaders with knowledge, skills, and a global perspective.

Who we Are?

BBAMLSU.ORG is an extension of the esteemed Mohanlal Sukhadia University, situated in the picturesque city of Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Established in 1962, MLSU has a rich legacy of 60 years in providing quality education to over 180,000 students.

Our commitment to excellence extends across 9 faculties and 38 departments, fostering holistic growth and intellectual curiosity.

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Our Vision

At BBAMLSU.ORG, we envision a future where BBA graduates are not just job seekers but trendsetters. Our vision is to nurture innovative thinkers, ethical decision-makers, and socially responsible professionals who contribute meaningfully to the business landscape.


  1. Expert Faculty: Our dedicated team of 182 faculty members brings a wealth of academic and industry experience to the classroom. They inspire, mentor, and guide students toward success.
  2. Global Exposure: As part of the MLSU family, students at BBAMLSU.ORG benefit from collaborations with international universities, exchange programs, and cross-cultural experiences.
  3. Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Our BBA curriculum is designed to bridge theory and practice. It equips students with essential skills in management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship.
  4. Campus Life: BBAMLSU.ORG offers a vibrant campus life with student clubs, events, and opportunities for personal growth. From seminars to sports, there’s something for everyone.

The objectives of the program are in Mohanlal Sukhadia University Udaipur, 2023

  • Prepare quality students for higher studies in business management and provide a foundation for other disciplines
  • Impart quality education in management with a global mindset
  • Enhance the overall personality development of students
  • Help students acquire conceptual knowledge and skills
  • Encourage self-employment
  • Provide training in finance, marketing, and human resource development
  • Build ethically strong and socially responsible citizens.

The University’s BBA program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education in management and prepare them for successful careers.

With its commitment to quality education and a range of resources, the program is a valuable opportunity for anyone looking to build a career in management.

Courses of Mohanlal Sukhadia University Udaipur, 2024

Main Courses are:

  1. Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  2. Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
  3. Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  4. Bachelor of Education (BEd)
  5. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  6. Master of Arts (MA)
  7. Master of Commerce (MCom)
  8. Master of Science (MSc)
  9. Master of Education (MEd)
  10. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  11. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

These are just some of the main courses offered by the university. The university may offer additional courses, it will be updated as the University update.

Celebrating Milestones: Our Achievements at BBAMLSU.ORG

NIRF Ranking: In the India Rankings of 2022, we proudly landed a spot in the 151-200 rank band among universities. It’s a big deal for us, and it shows the dedication and excellence of our community.

Convocation Celebrations: Our recent 31st Convocation was a real blast! It showcased the hard work and determination of our graduates. It’s not just a ceremony; it’s a testament to the success stories we’re building together.

Research and Innovation: At BBAMLSU.ORG, we’re all about encouraging research and fostering a culture of innovation and discovery. We believe in pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas to make a positive impact.

Join Us on this Journey: Whether you’re thinking about becoming a student, a proud parent, or a business enthusiast, we invite you to dive into what BBAMLSU.ORG has to offer. Explore our programs, connect with our awesome community, and join us on a transformative educational journey.

Visit our official website: For all the details and to get a closer look at what we’re doing, visit our official website at BBAMLSU.ORG. Let’s shape the future of business leadership together!

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